Woman becomes grandmother at age 29


A Russian woman has become a grandmother at age 29, making her the youngest babushka in the country. According to Central European News (CEN), the woman, Natalia Knyazkova, gave birth to her daughter when she was 14. Her daughter, who was not named, recently gave birth to a baby boy at the same age her mother did.

"History has repeated itself; she has followed my footsteps,” Natalia told CEN. “We are also very happy to finally have a boy [in the family], as I have four daughters."

Lyudmila Rodnikova, head of the obstetrics department of the hospital where the grandchild was born, expressed her regret that the new mother would not be able to enjoy her youth, as she was now responsible for her baby.

The child’s father is 17. The age of sexual consent in Russia is 16, and the couple cannot get married until age 18. According to CEN, the youngest grandmother in the world is believed to be a 23-year-old Romanian woman.

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