Who might replace Susan Hawk as Dallas D.A.?

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Who might replace Susan Hawk as Dallas County District Attorney.?  Shaun Rabb looks at the lingering questions about Judge Hawk's absenteeism and who might be appointed to replace her.

A handful of names are being mentioned as likely successors that Governor Greg Abbott might choose to replace her.

SMU political science professor Cal Jillson says he imagines that the governor's staff are preparing as well.

"What the governors office should be doing is looking for highly qualified people that have some already existing experience with that office," Jillson said.

Among the people who. according the Rabb's sources, have already filed applications to be considered for appointment by the governor include:

  • Current First Assistant D.A. Messina Madison
  • Vic Cunningham, who started a campaign for D.A. in 2005 before dropping out
  • Danny Clancy, who lost to former D.A. Craig Watkins in 2010

Jennifer Balido and Bill Wirskye, both former deputies who were dismissed by Hawk, are alos said to be interested in any appointment the governor might make.