Whataburger releases a spicier version of signature spicy ketchup

Texas-based fast food chain Whatabuger announced the release of a new batch of spicier spicy ketchup on Monday.

The new batch is only available for a limited time.

"This one is quite different from what you’re used to with our spicy ketchup today," said Rich Scheffler, Whataburger Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. "This one has got a little more heat to it."

Spicy Ketchup Batch #2 is a combination of Whataburger’s signature ketchup recipe and a hot sauce made from a blend of spices as well as arbol and piquin peppers. 

Whataburger’s Corporate Chef James Sanchez says that it adds a different depth of flavors than regular spicy ketchup.

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