Warmest Christmas Day: Dallas could get record-breaking heat for Christmas

Dreaming of a warm Christmas? That may not be how the song goes but that’s how the weather will go in North Texas this year.

Dallas could break a record this year with temperatures above 80 degrees on Christmas Day. The previous record of 80 degrees on Dec. 25 was set in 2016.

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According to the FOX 4 Weather team, the holiday will start off warm at 60 degrees or higher. Then a dry line will head through and quickly warm things up to around 82 degrees.

There is a cold front that will come down from Oklahoma in the afternoon, cooling areas north of the Metroplex into the 70s. It will also help Saturday night to be cooler in the 50s.

But strong winds will push that front out and most areas will return to highs in the 80s on Sunday and Monday.

Things should start to change a bit Tuesday. It won’t be cold for the rest of the week, but it will be cooler.

Then after New Year’s Eve, a strong front could make it feel more like winter should be. 

Until then? Enjoy the sunny warmth as you celebrate with friends and family!

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