Video shows Prince George's County package thief struggling to steal TV in Fort Washington

A suspected package thief in Prince George’s County will not be nominated for a smoothest criminal award anytime soon after his struggles to swipe a TV were well documented on a surveillance camera.

The Prince George’s County Police Department said the thief targeted a home on Gable Lane in Fort Washington on Nov. 29.

Video captured the suspect grabbing a large screen TV that had just been delivered from the porch and tripping as he runs to the getaway vehicle. After finally regaining his footing, the suspect is seen first attempting to put the TV into the back seat of the car, but the TV is too big.

He then fumbles around to the trunk, requesting that the getaway driver open the trunk. The driver opens the trunk, but the suspect with the TV accidentally closes it, forcing him to request that the driver reopen the trunk. Once the suspect gets the trunk open for a second time he realizes the trunk is also too small to fit the TV so he runs back to the backseat and forces the box into the vehicle.

The car door couldn't’ close with the TV in the back seat so the suspect jumps back into the front seat and the suspects drive away from the scene with the backdoor still open and the TV hanging out the vehicle.

If you can help authorities identify the suspects, you’re urged to call (301) 772-4911.

The Prince George’s County Police Department recommended the following tips to keep your packages safe this holiday season:

- If possible, pick up the ordered item at the store

- Ship the item to your workplace

- Have a neighbor keep an eye out for the item if you know you won’t be home during the delivery window

- Have the item sent to a friend or family member who is home during normal delivery hours

- If possible, ship the item to an Amazon Locker, UPS Office, FedEx Office or Post Office

- Require a signature at the time of delivery