VIDEO: Men get away with thousands from Fort Worth coin store

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Fort Worth police are looking for a group of armed robbers who got away with nearly $30,000 in gold coins and cash.

Police released surveillance video of the May 24 robbery at the Fort Worth Coin Company showing two men with guns jumping over the counters and forcing employees onto the floor. Employees say it happened in the middle of the day just before 11 a.m.

Even though the store has plenty of security measures to keep employees and merchandise safe, police believe the robbers may have scoped the place out before making their move.

It’s the first robbery at the store in the 40 plus years they've been in business in the West Seventh Corridor.

Two employees inside the store were forced to the ground. One of them didn’t want her face shown. She says the men initially pretended to be customers.

“I looked up at the same time that this gentleman jumps over with this pistol and puts it on his neck,” she recalled.

They went in and out of the store a few times supposedly to make a phone call. But police say those trips outside were likely much more.

“It's obvious in the video that an individual comes in, looks around. And that's usually the MO,” said Fort Worth Police Officer Brad Perez. “Some criminals will do to get a feel and how many are in the store.”

One victim says the man with two guns kept both pointed at employees lying on the floor while the other grabbed nearly $30,000 worth of items.

“One guy's yelling, ‘Where's the money!’ And the other guy is yelling, ‘Keep your face down!’ That's when I was really getting upset and scared,” the victim recalled

Police are looking for the two men along with another person not shown on camera who might've acted as a lookout and getaway driver.

Despite everything that happened, no one was hurt.

Police say the suspects got away in a white Dodge Journey which didn't have a front license plate. Anyone with information should call 817-392-4378.