Video: Crew kicks crying woman off plane

An American Airlines Boeing 787-800 (corporate stock photo courtesy of American Airlines)

Video posted on YouTube shows passengers on an American Airlines plane booing the crew for making a woman get off the plane. According to the person who posted the video, a flight attendant told the woman to get out of the aisle ahead of takeoff and she didn't do so. But the woman didn't hear the attendant's order, according to the poster of the video.

"Tim [a flight attendant] then yelled for her to move and it upset her, yet she still apologized to Tim. After sitting, the girl mentioned to a different attendant Tim was rude to her," YouTube user burnsie300 wrote in the description of the video. 

"He was so mean to mean to me. Are you serious?" the woman is heard saying in tears as another attendant tells the woman she must leave the plane or she will call officers. "This can't be legal. Like, I seriously didn't do anything."

Passengers can he hear protesting, with "Are you serious?" "That's ridiculous," and "Well that's the last time I fly this airline."

As the woman makes her way off the plane, passengers boo the crew and say "You just lost a lot of customers," "Screw this airline," and "Shame on American."

"After the flight about 20 of us grabbed the pilot at the gate and complained," burnsie300 wrote. "That shear [sic] number proves Tim was just being an ass." The poster wrote that the incident happened on USAir/American Flight 408 from Phoenix to Portland on October 11, 2015.

"We're looking into this incident to better understand what happened," Leslie Scott, an airline spokesperson, wrote in an email to Fox 5. "The passenger was rebooked on the next flight to Portland."