Valley mom gives birth to healthy quadruplets

When Kylie Szafranski was told she would behaving quadruplets, shock went through her mind and 29 weeks later, her family grew by four.

"Shock, definitely a lot of shock," she said. "It's real now, they're here, it's real tangible... tiny humans."

Emery, Damon, Gideon and Theo are currently in the NICU at Honor Health Scottsdale, even though the road to delivery wasn't always easy, when the quads were born healthy, it was time to celebrate.

"It's a bit of a party atmosphere in the operating room because there are so many people on the care team... for each baby," Doctor Cathleen Harris said.

Kylie says she can already see some character traits emerging from the quads.

"Our little girl was on the bottom, so she had all her brother piled on top of her, so down there she is probably the most stubborn of the four and you know, they wrap them all up and when we go down there, we find a foot kicked out because she wanted to stretch out," Kylie said. "So I don't blame her, I'd stretch out too."

As the new family of seven prepares to welcome home their latest additions, Kylie says it's game time.

"I said between my husband and I we could assembly line it through to diaper change and we're going to divide and conquer," she said. "He'll take two and I'll take two and same thing with the baths."