UNT Dallas students help repair home where 1-year-old was killed in drive-by shooting

Students at the University of North Texas Dallas got together to help a classmate whose family was attacked by a gunman.

On Tuesday afternoon, UNT Dallas students including student veterans and members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity began repairing Jaylon Miller’s bullet-riddled home in South Dallas.

Miller was shot five times and his 1-year-old nephew, Rory, was murdered when someone drove by and shot into the home on Jan. 5.

The family was forced to relocate to a hotel because of all the damage. Miller moved into a dorm on campus to continue his studies after recovering from his injuries.

When Miller’s classmates found out they rushed to help.

“They just genuinely want to help. They really have a humble heart in them to do good for the students at UNT Dallas. So I’m very thankful for them,” he said.

The paint, new windows, carpeting and more were donated by a local Home Depot through Community Outreach Housing to help the family.

The goal is to return the Miller family to their home by the end of the month.

Dallas police are still looking for the suspects in the drive-by shooting.