Two Dallas teachers surprised with $1000 for school supplies

Two Dallas teachers were surprised with hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies on Wednesday.

Pre-K teacher Laurie McKenzie and 5th grade math teacher Katherine Turck from DISD's Anne Frank Elementary received $1,000 each to buy school supplies as part of the Kids in Need Foundation.

"I was super excited. There are so many things I can use this for the help my students," said Tuck. "Lots of math manipulatives, more supplies for the students, incentives to keep them excited about learning. Lots of stuff."

The gifts were given with the help of FOX 4 and our parent company, the FOX Corporation.

Dallas is one of six cities across the country where teachers were presented with the gifts.

The teachers both say they often use their own money to buy classroom supplies, and the money will make a big difference.

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"I want to use it wisely, and I know they're going to be really excited when those boxes come," said McKenzie. "We learn by playing, so [I plan to buy] a lot of play things, kitchen items, kitchen tables, things used in the classroom, dress up things and building blocks. That's how we learn in Pre-K."

FOX is happy to bring awareness to the amazing work that the Kids in Need Foundation does for our students and teachers across the country.