North Texas parents thankful for school supplies giveaway amid soaring prices

The ongoing inflation has only made things worse for families that struggled even before prices for everything started to rise.

With the start of school coming, that means new clothes, new shoes and school supplies will cut even further into budgets.

The price of just about everything is high. Now, couple that with parents buying back-to-school supplies. 

With inflation being the highest in decades, on the minds of parents is dealing with rising prices and back-to-school shopping. 

That’s where the Texas Rangers Youth Academy and Buckner International stepped in. 

"We are handing out about 400 backpacks to kids in the neighborhood, kids who are in DISD, who are in our programs," said Jesse Malone with the Texas Rangers.

It is an annual event for the Rangers, but this year is different because of soaring prices. 

A Bloomberg economics study in the spring estimated because of inflation, the average U.S. household would spend an extra $5,200 this year or about $433 per month compared to last year for the same products.

Recession or not, North Texas business owners struggling with inflation prices

Layza Vera was excited and at times emotional after her children got free bookbags and supplies. 

"The mesh bags came just in time because DISD changed it," she said. "So mesh bags right now are out of stock or high dollar. So it’s a blessing to have this help." 

Leslie Lopez is going to the sixth grade. 

"It’s been really good. Had so much fun going to camps here and making my time go really fast," she said.

Leslie is the oldest of three. Her mother Erika Sanchez is grateful, saying things add up when you have multiple children. 

"Thanks to this, we are able to ease up in some areas," she said.

Dallas police and other organizations were on hand to share after-school programs. 

With an uncertain economy, parents say every little bit helps. 

"Four kids. It’s a lot so especially with uniforms. Some of the middle schools are color changing the shirts, so it’s really hard," Vera said. "So we deal with this, with inflation. Everything is high, but we are making it."

For Dallas ISD parents, the mesh or clear book bags are only for middle and high school students.