Trackdown: Help find Thomas Dabney & Jared McKnight's killer

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This week, Dallas police need your help finding a suspect accused killing two men at a dope house.

Unlike previous Trackdown segment police actually know the identity of their suspect caught on tape suspect. But they do not know where he is and are hoping for the public’s help to find him.

The house at 3215 Morgan Street in Dallas once used to be a daycare. Over time, it became a house that was not a place for children.

“On August 3, 2017, right about 7:30 p.m., two victims were shot and killed inside this dope trap,” explained Dallas Police Detective Tommy T.L. Railey.

59-year-old Thomas Dabney and 33-year-old Jared McKnight were found dead. Police say the man who killed them knew them.

“They were with the suspect that we later identified as Viantre Kimbrough,” Railey said.

Video from the night of the murders shows Kimbrough in a gentle tiger brand short sleeve camo style shirt.

McKnight ran the trap house that Railey says was doing big business.

“Rumor has it that he was making anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 a day,” the 13-year homicide detective said.

Investigators say Dabney was just hanging around that day. They believe the pair was killed over money.

“So there will be people who will say to us, ‘Detective, because they were in that life, why should we care if it cost them their lives?’” asked Reporter Shaun Rabb.

“Well, it would be the right thing to do. I mean its two lives,” Railey said. “What kind of business they did to feed their families that was their choice. It’s still two lives taken.”

Jennifer Chambers is McKnight’s sister.

“He meant everything to us,” she said. “He did his ‘thing,’ but that’s been my brother for 30 years. I can’t even tell you one fight he had.”

McKnight had four children, including the 1-year-old his sister held during her interview.

“He didn’t deserve to die,” Chamber said. “He didn’t deserve to die.”

The video of Kimbrough shows him wearing a video a necklace with some type of a medallion on a long 24-inch chain.

“I know who he is. I need to know where he is,” Railey said. “I need someone to make that call and say, ‘This is where he's at.’ Regardless of if you want the money or not, it’s just the right thing to do.

Detective Railey hopes the reward money will cause someone to send him Kimbrough's location. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.

For several of the cold cases, police are hanging their hopes for an arrest on the public's eyes and surveillance video. They are now turning to FOX 4's Shaun Rabb to help ‘Trackdown' the criminals.


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