Trackdown: Help Find Ronald Harper's Killer

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Dallas police have a group of murders that are unsolved and growing old because leads have gone cold.

For several of the cold cases, police are hanging their hopes for an arrest on the public’s eyes and surveillance video. They are now turning to FOX 4’s Shaun Rabb to help ‘Trackdown’ the criminals.

This week, Dallas police need help to track down a suspect who committed a brutal murder one month ago. The suspect caught was caught on tape but is still at large.

A single bouquet of silk roses lies in the 10300 block of Wildwood Drive as a memorial to the life of Ronald Harper.

“People come down here to relax or sometimes go fishing,” said Dallas resident Larry Smith. “I just knew his red car that he drove, and he parked down here.”

Harper’s home was his car. Everything he owned was in it.

Dallas Police Homicide Detective Chris Walton has worked Harper’s murder since July 24.

“Mr. Harper was also known to not bother anybody,” Walton said. “He was parked in this area right here when the suspect approached him.”

The detective says a suspect somehow got into Harper's car and started to drive away.

“Mr. Harper— trying to protect all his property, trying to protect everything that he had — he jumped on the vehicle,” Walton said. “And the suspect drove off and drug him.”

Harper hung on the car for about 200 yards until he fell off the car and lay in the middle of the street near where his 1992 Pontiac crashed.

“The suspect got out of the vehicle and ran towards the highway right here, 114, and jumped over the railing,” Walton said.

Cameras at the DART rail station caught the man as he took the wall carrying what police believe were Harper’s belongings. The video is clear but not close.

Renee Harper is Ronald Harper's mother. She knows it was likely a stranger who took her son's life.

“He didn’t meet any strangers,” she said. “If he saw somebody stranded on the road, he would stop and help them. That’s just the kind of person that he was.”

To the man in the surveillance video, Renee said, “You don’t want to go on hurting people because that doesn’t pay off.”

“Turn yourself in,” Walton said, addressing the suspect. “Come talk to me.”

The simple memorial stands as a reminder of the brutal crime that happened on July 24 in the 10300 block of Wildwood Drive.

“A person’s life is gone forever,” Smith said. “It’s a shame.”

Anyone who recognizes the suspect or has information on the case is urged to call Dallas homicide detectives at (214) 671-3632. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward in the case.