Trackdown: Help find Raul Bustamante's killer

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This week, Grand Prairie police need help finding a person suspected of killing a person for cash. In this case, there was no robbery, no drug debt and no gang beef.

It's the murder Grand Prairie police have investigated since July 2016. Detective Lena Aguayo has carried notes on the murder ever since.

“I believe that somebody wanted Raul dead,” she said.

22-year-old Raul Bustamante was gunned down in the parking lot.

“He was a bright, young man. He had a great future and was a great singer,” the detective said. “I believe that this was a murder for hire.”

“What leads you to believe that,” asked Reporter Shaun Rabb.

“Well, I know that Raul was involved in a relationship with an ex-girlfriend that was very complicated,” Aguayo explained. “And it also involved one of her boyfriends.”

Los Balones was the venue Raul and his band played on July 24. While the music blared inside, a gray or silver Chevy Equinox SUV backed into a parking spot outside. The vehicle was carrying a killer.

“Mr. Bustamante was standing approximately right here in front of this spot,” Aguayo said. “The band members were surrounding Raul. They were talking after they had completed their session. The car drives up slowly. That’s when the shooter comes out, points the gun at Raul and takes five shots. They got a glimpse of his face because some of his face was covered.”

From the glimpse, a composite sketch was made of a light-complexed black man between 19 and 22 years old. He had a high top fade and still might. But the eyes that weren't covered can help tell who he is. From the video, you can tell he's thin and tall, possibly a little over six feet

“He knew exactly what his target was,” the detective said. “And he shot with no hesitation and then went right back into the car.”

The FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force is joining the hunt for the guy with the gun that detectives believe took money for murder.

“The FBI has also pledged some reward money to find the individuals who are involved in this crime,” explained Lauren Hagee with the Dallas FBI.

“I’m needing information on the suspect vehicle, the shooter or any information on the convoluted relationship that was going on and the murder for hire,” the detective said.

Aguayo hopes someone will provide new information so she can put away a killer and the notes she’s carried since July 2016.

“When you have the unsolved one, it doesn’t go on the shelf but stays on your desk,” she said. “So I want to get this one off of my desk and put it on the shelf.”

Anyone with information is urged to call (972) 988-8477. A cash reward is being offered.

For several of the cold cases, police are hanging their hopes for an arrest on the public's eyes and surveillance video. They are now turning to FOX 4's Shaun Rabb to help ‘Trackdown' the criminals.


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