Trackdown: Help find Jose Rico's killer

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This week, Dallas police need help to track down a possible suspect in a shooting and car crash that killed two people.

Police released video of a man shooting a gun into the air not far from the fiery car crash and need help identifying him.

The fiery crash on March 18 killed Sheila Johnson while she was waiting at a stoplight. She was hit by Jose Rico, who was shot and apparently lost consciousness before hitting Johnson.

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Right now, police say the guy on the video is only being considered a person of interest in a chain of events that started with one vehicle chasing another and ended with two people dead. Police hope someone recognizes him or the car he is sitting on.

Police now know Rico was desperately dodging bullets driving for his life just before a third gunshot struck him. It caused him to lose control of his black Dodge Charger and slam into Shiela Johnson, who was waiting to turn left on to Jim Miller from Scyene.

The fiery collision on March 18 was captured on store surveillance video. Both Rico and Johnson were killed instantly.

“Someone saw the black vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed with a white vehicle with its lights off chasing the black car,” explained Dallas Det. Edward Parker. “The driver actually sees the suspect in the white vehicle leaning out. And the driver actually sees the muzzle flash coming from the gun as its being fired. We do have a video of a gentleman in a white Impala fitting the description of the suspect vehicle.”

The cell phone video shows people ‘stunting’ in cars at a strip center about two miles from the shooting that killed Rico and the crash that killed Johnson.

“A young Hispanic male is sitting on a white what appears to be an Impala, but he’s sitting in the sunroof,” Parker explained. “You just see him discharging the gun in the air. Then, as he's discharging the gun, you see the white vehicle. He just kind of turns a little bit, and he's going down, and the video ends.”

There are four reasons Parker is interested in the guy shooting his gun in the parking lot.

“The car, and the person, and he's discharging a weapon, and its real close to the time of my offense,” he explained.

Anyone who recognizes the person of interest or has any information on the incident is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477. A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.