Trackdown: Help find Jose Gonzalez's killers

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In this week’s Trackdown, the Dallas Police Department has asked FOX4’s Shaun Rabb and the public to shed some light on the killers of a visitor to Dallas.

Jose Gonzalez and his cousin had come to Dallas from Houston, and were waiting to meet someone at an Oak Cliff apartment complex, when strangers approached. They robbed and fatally shot Gonzalez

The video is clear, but it's dark and the suspects are far away.

These guys are not easy to identify, but that doesn’t mean others don't know what happened that night.

Homicide Detective Patty Belew is hoping those others will talk to her.

Just before midnight back on June 25, a brown King Ranch F-150 pickup rolled to a stop in an Oak Cliff apartment complex.

Behind the wheel, Jose Gonzalez took his last breath. His cousin was in the passenger seat.

They were visiting from Houston.

“They come to do something in our city, and they were expecting to leave to go back home to Houston, Texas, and that didn’t happen for them,” Det. Belew said.

Belew is carrying the murder book on Gonzalez since his death.

“It’s a lot of information in here, but we still need more information,” she added.

Namely, who the three men were in a dark colored SUV, who roll into The Park at Cliff Creek Apartments, located in the 7300 block of Marvin D Love Freeway.

The suspects were driving slow like they were looking for someone, and then find Gonzalez and his cousin.

“He notified the person he was supposed to meet that he was here, and shortly after that, he and the witness were approached by three black males in a dark colored SUV,” Det. Belew said.

The three men demanded Gonzalez’s belongings, but he refused and tried to drive off.

That’s when one of the men pulled out a gun, and shot several times into the vehicle.

Hit several times by the gunfire, Gonzalez tried to drive away, but couldn’t control the truck.

“It’s rolling with the dome light on, and you can see his cousin, the witness, trying to control the car because [Gonzalez] is basically injured, and he can no longer drive the vehicle,” Det. Belew said.

The cousin gets out his cell phone to call 911, and he’s looking for help.

A car then drives up, and as it heads out of the complex, Gonzalez’s cousin runs after the vehicle, but they drive off, not getting involved.

Then, the trio who tried to rob Gonzalez drives up after Gonzalez tried to drive off.

“You see them come up to the vehicle. They get out of their dark colored vehicle and go up to the complainant’s vehicle and then take some property out of his vehicle,” Det. Belew said.

[REPORTER: “In order to get this done, you need somebody who knows something to say something to you, correct?”] “Yes sir, I do,” Det. Belew replied.

“I need them to, if they know anything, if they’ve heard anything, to please give Dallas police a call. You can remain anonymous,” she said. “And if anyone just has any information, it would be grateful and helpful to this case to bring those people to justice.”

You can reach Det. Belew at 214-671-3603, or on her cell, where you can call or text her at 214-422-9275.

Help catch killers caught on tape, but still at-large.