Trackdown: Help find Jason Izaguirre's killer

This week, another case that shows how hard it can be for detectives to solve a murder.

Jason Izaguirre, 20, was shot to death in his backyard at 1521 Elk Creek Road in Southeast Dallas. 

There is no video of a suspect or vehicle. There is only a cryptic note left on a car windshield and the sound of gun shots in the quiet night.

Jason was killed in his own backyard after coming home from work at Home Depot in Balch Springs on March 3, 2021.

"There was an individual we don't know who chased Mr. Izaguirre and one of his family members around the residence and shot him," said Dallas Police Det. Chris Walton.

Jason’s father, Miguel, and his mother, Briseida, say their son was a wonderful person and their only son.

His mother says he was exceptional and a sweetheart who worked hard to make his life better and help the family.

"I have the video of Mr. Izaguirre and his relative arriving, coming down the street," Walton said. "Also, there is gunfire. There was a letter that was found on the back of one of the vehicles."


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The mysterious message roughly translates to "with the love of the liras, you don't play with haha."

Neither the detective nor the family knows what it means. 

Jason was driving his Mustang. 

"When he arrived, there was approximately one shot fired," Walton said. "Mr. Izaguirre ran from this side of the driveway to the back of the residence. When he got back there, the individual chased after him and fired several more shots at him."

Anyone with information is urged to call Det. Walton at 214-671-3632 or email at