Trackdown: Help find Cornelius Williams' killer

In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police said a man who had just been treated in the ER at Baylor left the hospital, only to be shot and killed in a parking lot along the 600 block of Hall Street near the hospital.

Surveillance video of the crime shows two vehicles Dallas homicide detectives hope someone can tell them who was in them during the murder back on November 28.

"So the camera is actually at the corner of the hospital here about five floors up, which gives us a birds eye view of everything that happened," Dallas PD Det. Phillip Wheeler said.

Dallas police said Cornelius Williams was discharged from the ER at Baylor University Medical Center. As he was walking in the parking lot, he was shot and killed.

"You will see Mr. Williams approach these witnesses, and you will see him approach these suspect vehicles, and you'll see him get shot in between these two vehicles," Det. Wheeler said. "It is a gold or silver SUV and a compact white car."

Investigators believe the people in those two vehicles were together.

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Det. Wheeler is hoping someone who may have parked nearby or anyone with information about this case will contact police.

"I need the public to come forward. If anybody recognizes these vehicles, I need them to come forward and let me know who these people are," he said. "I think it’s very possible they told someone else what happened. I need them to come forward and let me know who they are."

The victim, Williams, was caregiver to his wife, who is a disabled vet with four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan

"I know Cornelius Williams had a family that loved him dearly," Det. Wheeler said. "They've said he was a good man and this is tragic what happened to him."

In an email, Williams’ wife writes: "This coward took away a husband, father, brother, and so much more. Cornelius had such a great spirit."

"It bothers me cause Mr. Williams seemed to me minding his own business. He was just released from the hospital as a patient, you know, just got treated and then he was maliciously murdered in a parking lot here," Det. Wheeler said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Wheelter at 214-671-3686.