Trackdown: Help find Cathy Herrera's killer

This week’s Trackdown revisits a case first featured in January.

The last video of Catarina ‘Cathy’ Herrera shows her at a Pleasant Grove convenience store on December 30, 2017. Her body was later found in an alley.

FOX 4 viewer tips took Detective Jeff Loeb to one person, but he still needs help to find one more.

“Imagine a puzzle where some of your most important pieces are hidden,” Loeb said. “So that’s what we've got. You’ve got to find these hidden pieces and then figure out where they connect. That’s kind of what this case has been like.”

The detective says Herrera’s case has been challenging to crack.

“I don’t even have a crime scene. You got to keep that in mind,” he said. “This is a body dumped type case.”

Herrera was found murdered in an alley behind Water Oaks Drive near Bruton and Masters in Pleasant Grove.

“The first time this show was featured on Trackdown, I got a lot of good tips. And it helped me identify who someone was that was seen with her last, a person of interest,” Loeb said. “But there’s also a second person that I’m trying to locate as well.”

It has moved the investigation to where her body was found and the store she was last seen alive in to South Dallas and Jim's Car Wash on Martin Luther King, where a lot of things happen for the man Loeb is trying to Trackdown.

“This particular suspect is supposed to be a black male in his 40s. He goes by the nickname, Ty,” the detective said. “His first or middle name may be Tyrone, and he also has a stuttering problem and he's kind of described to me as being bug-eyed. I’m hoping that someone that comes over here for whatever reason will recognize this person or will be familiar with this person.”

Loeb wants to solve the case as soon as possible.

“We're trying our best to solve this one and give this family what they want. It'd be a great Christmas present to get a little bit of closure for the family,” he said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.