Trackdown: Help find Bobby Wilson's killer

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This week, Dallas police need help solving the murder of an Ellis County man that happened in December of last year.

The case has been challenging for detectives since the victim had absolutely nothing in his life that could lead to anyone wanting to kill him. Police don’t have any clues. They only have a very short video of a car they believe was involved in some sort of road rage.

Dallas Homicide Detective Cayce Shelton has carried the book on Bobby Wilson’s murder almost a year.

“Bobby wasn’t doing anything wrong that we have any account for,” the detective said. “He was living right, doing right. Here on the street, you know, he was shot and killed.”

Police say Bobby’s killer was in an older model black Lexus LS 430.

Shelton says the 24-year-old was headed home on December 17, 2016, when he was killed. That Saturday, he was leaving his grandmother’s house and was westbound on Illinois.

“It’s a loss that we just can’t explain,” said Laquinqua Wilson, Bobby’s mother. “It’s a hole in our heart.”

Detectives say Wilson was behind the wheel of his 2007 light blue Mercury Grand Marquis when he was involved in some sort of road rage incident. He turned off Illinois into a neighborhood as he tried to lose the person tailing him. He then turned left on Montana and stopped in the middle of the street before getting out of his car.

“Bobby was a little left of center when he stopped,” Shelton explained. “And he was killed. The suspect, based on witness accounts, stopped right about here right of center, both facing eastbound.”

Bobby was shot three times. The shooter then jumped back in his Lexus and took off. The short video of the suspect is the only lead police have.

“Bobby was a family guy,” Shelton said. “He took care of his mom and took care of his grandmother. It’s very difficult.”

“I just need you to confess. I need you to turn yourself in,” pleaded Laquinqua.” Or whoever knows anything, I just need you to come forward.”

Shelton knows that without the right call, he'll keep carrying the book on Bobby’s murder.

“He was such an innocent victim, and it’s got to be haunting somebody. It’s got to be haunting somebody that did it,” the detective said. “And it’s got to be haunting somebody that that individual told.”

Detective Shelton needs the right person to do the right thing by calling Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477. A $5,000 reward is on the table to help find Bobby Wilson's killer.

For several of the cold cases, police are hanging their hopes for an arrest in the public's eyes and surveillance video. They are now turning to FOX 4's Shaun Rabb to help ‘Trackdown' the criminals.


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