Trackdown: Help find suspects who assaulted employee after theft at Fort Worth Family Dollar

This week’s Trackdown goes to Fort Worth, where there was a theft at a Family Dollar that turned into an assault when employees tried to get pictures of two suspects and their vehicle.

The video shows them clearly, and one of the two has hair that should be easy for people to recognize.

FOX 4's Shaun Rabb has the video, and police hope someone has a name.

This happened at the Family Dollar in the 3800 block of Miller Avenue.

"You're going to see very clearly two suspects," Fort Worth PD Officer Buddy Calzada said.

One of the suspects is a woman. The video shows her face and her multi-colored hair, which was blonde, red, and orange.

The other suspect is a man, who was in gray Adidas gear, with a black cap, beard, and fashion glasses.

"So what happened was it started as a theft. The female that you see video of here actually went to the store and put several items in a bag. The employees of the store noticed what was going on," Calzada explained. "As they tried to leave, there was a small encounter. They said, ‘Hey, we know you have stuff.’ The people tried to leave in a hurry, get out of there in a rush."

The theft turned violent when an employee tried to get a picture of their license plate.

"We always tell everybody, if you see something say something, so these victims here did what we ask. They were trying to take a picture of the license plate so they could get solid information to us, and what happened was the male that you see in this video, very good clothing, very recognizable face by somebody out there watching this," Calzada said. "They actually see this, they take the phone from them and they actually assault that victim."

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Police are hoping someone will recognize at least one of these suspects.

"So the clothing you can see right here, maybe the hairstyle that we're showing here as well. If anybody knows or recognizes them, maybe they've changed their hair color, obviously they've changed their clothes, but if you see them and recognize their build, please call us," Calzada said.

The getaway vehicle was a gray Toyota sedan, but when police checked the license plate, it was registered to a silver Nissan Murano. 

It was a Colorado plate, ATRJ78

"If you see a Toyota sedan, gray in color, with Colorado license plates possibly still on it, that’s a big tip for you to call police," Calzada said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Worth PD at 817-392-4222.