Trackdown: Help find Dyawn Thomas' killer

This week's Trackdown focuses on a murder in the Main Street Garden part Downtown Dallas that happened back on October 8, 2022.

Detective Tonya McDaniel said her two suspects left the park after the fatal shooting with a group of people, including children.

Police are releasing surveillance video of the suspects to FOX 4.

"October 8th, that was a Saturday, at 11 p.m. at night, there was a disturbance here at Main Street Park, and that disturbance turned into a murder at the park," Det. McDaniel said.

Dyawn Thomas was killed, and police are now searching for two suspects who were involved in an argument with him.

"One of the suspects has on a mask, a full mask, so you cannot see his face as good, but he's a Black male. From what I was told, one is a white or Hispanic male. He has on a purple shirt, and one of the females in this group hands him a skateboard as they're walking off," McDaniel said. "It started with an argument, them in each other's face, them approaching him, them in each other’s face. The misunderstanding turned physical and then the physical turned into, my understanding is the Black male pulling out the gun and shooting Dyawn."


McDaniel said the two suspects then joined their group, before crossing the street at St. Paul, going down Main Street.

"It's about six or seven people in this group, including some children, which is also a concern for me, the young girl and the young boy with them," McDaniel added. "I feel like someone is going to know this group."

Anyone with information about these suspects or this case is asked to call Det. McDaniel at 469-261-6790 or email