Trackdown: Help find woman who brutally attacked Ronnie Clifton

In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas homicide detectives are looking for a woman who killed a homeless man last June.

The violence seen on surveillance video is brutal.

Detectives said the woman beat 66-year-old Ronnie Clifton with his own walker after stabbing him several times in the stomach and chest.

Dallas police said this happened back on Jun 17, 2021, at about 11:30 p.m., in the 4800 block of Sunnyvale, near Loop 12.

Clifton was in front of a shopping center just before the attack.

Aa group of females were not too far away from him. Apparently, they had engaged in some type of verbal dispute, and Mr. Clinton went over and was going to confront them about it," Dallas PD Detective Theodore Gross said. "One of the females in the group, she stands up, very confrontational, and takes out a pocketknife. A physical fight ensues, and she winds up stabbing him several times."

Clifton stumbles backwards after being stabbed, and the woman then picks up his walker and beats him with it.

"She puts down her knife, picks up Mr. Clifton's walker and brutally beats him with his walker," Det. Gross said. "This is a 66-year-old man. He used that walker to help him, and instead, he gets it used as a weapon to brutally assault him."

The suspect was wearing a white top, and the whole time she was attacking him, she was holding her cell phone in her hand.

"We see her then walk back to her car. She has a vehicle parked here, only vehicle. It’s a white four-door sedan that has mix-matched doors on it. Looks like it has black doors, and maybe even a black fender on it. While walking back, she does a celebration dance on the way back to it," Det. Gross said.

The detective said he’s never seen someone celebrate after a brutal beating like that.

"It’s truly disgusting to see somebody react that way. This was a 66-year-old homeless man who was brutally assaulted and somebody proceeded to celebrate that assault against him," Det. Gross said.

He’s now hoping someone will tell him who drives the car seen leaving the scene, and who is the woman seen dancing happily after inflicting injuries that ultimately took Clifton's life.

"There's mismatched doors on it, a white sedan, two black doors on it on the passenger side. It looks like a black fender on it as well," he said. "This is somebody who frequents this area. She hangs out in this area. Somebody's going to know that vehicle. Somebody's going to know her."

Anyone with information can call Det. Theodore Gross at 469-792-5142 or email

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