Trackdown: Brandon Chew's killer captured

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UPDATE: 4/24/18 - FOX 4 viewers once again helped bring a suspect into custody for a Dallas murder case.

Tips from viewers took police to Carlton Neale who is now charged with Brandon Chew's murder. Detectives say he denied any involvement in the shooting.

“I am a hundred percent confident that that is my guy,” said Detective Eric Barnes. “Being able to get out and interact and speak with the community and have that feedback makes a big difference in solving a case like this.”


This week, Dallas police need help to track down the people responsible for the murder of a father of twelve on Easter.

Investigators have no leads, but they do have video they hope will give them names to a group of people they'd like to talk to about the murder.

Brandon Chew was murdered early Easter morning on April 1 in the 4300 block of Malcolm X Boulevard in South Dallas. Video shows the street packed with cars and people.

“There’s anywhere between 100 and 200 people here in this block and the next block over,” explained Detective Eric Barnes. “The victim, Brandon Chew, at approximately 1:20 a.m. on April 1 went to a convenience store that’s parked directly across the street. He left his car idling. Walked across the street. Spoke to some guys that he knew standing outside the store. Went directly inside the store.”

Convenience store surveillance cameras show Chew in a red shirt coming into the shop as well as four guys going to the store prior to Chew going in. One was wearing a green shirt. Another one head on a cap that said ‘Dak’ across the front.

“Victim walks in. Victim comes out of the store and comes over to his car,” Barnes explained. “During the time that he exits the store, he's approached by several individuals.”

He was approached by the same group of four guys who were in the store. Barnes believes it was possibly a robbery attempt.

33-year-old Brandon Chew was well known in South Dallas. He was a brother, a son, and was a father of 12 kids.

Barnes says he wants to talk to the man seen on surveillance video wearing the green shirt.

“Wearing a green t-shirt and camo shorts, possibly 5’8”. Kinds of a stocky build and dark skin with a Mohawk haircut,” Barnes said. “If someone knows who this individual is, they'll be able to spot him in this video.”

Barnes also needs the neighborhood to help.

“A couple of minutes before he was shot and killed, he parked his car here and left his car running. He trusted a neighborhood to watch over his car,” Barnes said. “We're hoping that same neighborhood will have enough love and respect for him and do the right thing and pick out his killer.”

A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with info is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.