Tomball woman frantic to find one of three dogs stolen from her home

Kate Harward was out of town this week with a dog that does human remains search work.

"That's where I was this week at a seminar with him, getting certified on some things," she said.

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When Harward's pet sitter, Paula Ham, left Harward's home Tuesday night, she says everything was fine. That wasn't the case when she returned the next day.

"Then it really hit me, when I started watching the others, and they were upset something had happened, but I didn't know what," said Ham.

Three of Harward's dogs were stolen from her Tomball home.

"We're assuming, from a lot of the information coming back now, they were probably stolen from my house. Because where one was found, he was injured and the injuries, according to my vet, are consistent with jumping out of the back of a pickup truck," said Harward,


Puzzle suffered a broken leg and was found six miles from Harward's home. 

Ridley was also taken. He, too, was discovered some six miles away,

"They're no good people," Ham said. "How would they like it if I stole them, took them off down the road, and tossed them out in a ditch somewhere? You don't do that."

"My best guess is the three they took are the ones that presented themselves very quickly, the others are a little more timid, usually staying back," said Harward,


Nia, a Basenji, is still missing.

"I'm very worried about her. She's such a sweetheart, she spends most of her time curled up in my lap whenever I sit down. She's right there getting in my lap," Harward said. "I miss her terribly. I've only been home a short time, and it seems odd not having her here."

Nia is on heart medication that she needs daily. 

"She really needs those meds to keep her heart going," said Harward,


And to keep Harward's heart from breaking.

If you have Nia or know where she is, call Harward at (713) 253-5124, no questions asked. Nia is chipped, so you can drop her off at a shelter or vet's office. A reward is being offered for any information.