Tom Brady’s yacht built to be a 'Rolls Royce on water'

Tom Brady's yacht easily stood out among the rest of the boats in Wednesday's Super Bowl parade. Dubbed "Viva a Vida," the 53-foot yacht is a Wajer 55-S.

"It has more deck space. The ‘S’ stands for sport. It’s lighter. It’s slightly faster than the regular 55 which is more like a cruiser," said Dries Wajer, CEO of Wajer Yachts.

The company was founded by Wajer's father in 1992. 

"It is a very high-quality craft that we build in the Netherlands where we have our own shipyard," Wajer explained. "We build about 50 to 60 boats a year." 

With three engines pushing around 2,000 horsepower, Brady's boat can hit speeds up to 40 knots. It also has a range of about 400 miles. 

"We really want to be the Rolls Royce on the water," Wajer continued. 

Expect to pay a couple of million dollars if you want to boat like the 'GOAT.' 

"For the 55-S we mainly sell it to younger people who want to take a lot of friends," Wajer said. 

In other words, it is perfect for a Tampa-style parade.

Tom Brady (in orange shirt) waves to fans from his boat (blue, center) on the Hillborough river on February 10, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

"We have been watching it online. For us it’s amazing, we have many nice clients being our ambassadors like Tom and we appreciate that," Wajer told FOX 13. 


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