TMZ: Kayne West, Taylor Swift & Paris Hilton

Kanye West in 2020… really? TMZ’s Harvey Levin has the inside scoop.

Kanye went on a bizarre rant during his acceptance speech and announced his 2020 run for president. The Kardashians and Jenners posted “Kayne for President” on social media. Now it seems MTV is thinking about letting him host next year’s Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift also had a big night at the VMAs. It turns out she actually had a big weekend. The night before during a concert a man jumped on stage while she was singing and there was an intense brawl between the man and Taylor’s security team. One guard broke a rib and 26-year-lld Christian Ewing was arrested for felony and misdemeanor battery and obstruction.

Recent photos of Paris Hilton show her DJing at a club. But, the party goers seem to be kids. As it turns out, she’s teamed up with a local center for kids with disabilities. The party helped to raise $100,000 for the group and the kids went home at 7 p.m.