TMZ: Jesica Alba Sunscreen & Scott Disick

TMZ's Harvey Levin joins Good Day to talk about Jessica Alba's sunscreen lawsuits, Scott Disick being a guest in his own home and Straight Outta Compton II.

Straight Outta Compton made more than $147 million and now there's a new cast for the sequel. All the actors were at a recording studio over the weekend. Dr. Dre's son Curtis will play Dr. Dre and Melvin Jackson Jr. from The Wire will play Kurupt.

Jessica Alba's company, Honest, is facing another lawsuit over its eco-friendly sunscreen. Lots of people and even kids were burned after the company allegedly changed the formula. The suit asks for a minimum of $5 million.

Scott Disick is said to be a guest in his own home and can't go in without Kourtney Kardashian's permission. He has to wait in the visitors line at the guard shack. He and Kourtney have three children together, but she reportedly took him off the residents list back in July.