Timberview HS Shooting Trial: State rests, new video shown in court

The state has rested its case against Timothy Simpkins, who is accused of the 2021 shooting at Timberview High School in Arlington.

Simpkins is on trial in Tarrant County for multiple charges, including three counts of attempted murder.

Prosecutors say Simpkins intended to kill his classmate, Zachius Selby, following a violent fight between the two teenagers. 

The state says the fight was over, but Simpkins still decided to pull out the firearm he brought to school. 

The defense claims Simpkins was using self-defense. 

New cellphone video shown in court on Tuesday shows a different angle of the Timberview High classroom fight prior to the gunfire.

Former student Charli Johnson says shooting victim Zachius Selby approached her in the hallway and asked her to record the fight he was about to have with Simpkins.

"I stopped when Zachius started stomping on his head," testified Johnson. "It just got too serious."

Another recording from the school district hallway camera shows Selby going into the classroom and the frantic classroom exodus after shots are fired.

Arlington PD Violent Crimes investigator Shawn Wheatly describes the images of Simpkins running out firing, then focusing on Selby who is on the floor.

[PROSECUTOR: "The defendant, does it appear he’s pointing the gun?"]

"Yes, it does. Zach’s attempting to stand up, but he stumbles. Yes," said Wheatly.

Former student Shaniya McNeely, a state witness, started out in that classroom. She was watching and recording the fight.

"The fight stopped and then Timothy pulled out a gun then I just ran, I don’t know what happened after that," said McNeely.

McNeely says within seconds it went from being amusing to downright frightening. She wound up being hit by gunfire.

"When I was running I felt a quick, really fast, just a real fast burn. That’s when I stopped, but a teacher kept telling me we’ve got to go, we have to go," said McNeely, who was grazed by a bullet on her left side.

The jury got a look at the GLOCK 45 pistol police recovered. Investigators say Simpkins had stashed it at his sister's apartment.

Charli Johnson testified she was dangerously close to being a victim herself as she ran away.

"I felt a bullet go past me, and that’s when the trophy case broke. That’s when I turned the hallway," she said.

There's been nothing presented in court about why Selby wanted to pick a fight with Simpkins.

Outside the presence of jurors, defense attorneys showed the judge recent posts that Selby reportedly shared on social media showing news coverage of the trial, including a video of Simpkins sitting in court with the caption "Let me get my popcorn and watch this sh**."

Defense attorneys also say Selby sent a message to another witness, who considered the message a threat. 

Selby was sworn in as a witness last week. He could face possible contempt charges.

Timothy Simpkins in court July 17, 2023

Testimony adjourned early Tuesday due to a defense witness who was not available.

When the trial continues Wednesday you can watch the trial live on FOX4News.com and the FOX 4 YouTube Channel.


Opening Statements & Previous Testimony

On Monday, Simpkins pleaded not guilty to the three counts of attempted murder, as well as three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of unlawful carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.

His defense team chose not to present any opening statements but used the fight video to argue he was bullied at school.


Timberview HS shooting trial: Witnesses describe 'chaos' in school on first day of testimony

19-year-old Timothy Simpkins is facing three counts of attempted murder and other charges in connection to the shooting on Oct. 6, 2021.

Two teachers who broke up the fight back in October of 2021 testified on Monday. 

One of them was shot in the back as he was running away. The bullet is still in his chest two years later.

Another teacher said she was traumatized by the shooting and has not been able to teach in a classroom since then.

Simpkins was reportedly offered a plea deal. No details of the deal were released after he and his lawyers turned it down.