Three North Texas sisters battled COVID-19 at the same time

Three North Texas sisters all battled COVID-19 at the same time.

They got sick at the same time and were quarantined, and treated their sickness together.

They are now telling their story together.

“All three of us had the coronavirus, and all three of us beat the coronavirus,” the Guidry sisters said.

Chelsea, Carinthia, and Chassidy are close as can be.

They've shared a lot in life, even COVID-19.

“I’m a healthcare worker, a physician assistant, and I actually contracted the virus first,” Carinthia Guidry-Williams said.

Carinthia was asymptotic when the sisters spent time around each other.

“We came together one Friday evening just to watch Netflix and hangout, and then after that, that next week is when everybody started to show symptoms,” Carinthia recalled.

[REPORTER: “So who thought it was COVID-19 first?”]

“I think we all did when she started to get symptoms. That next day, that Saturday, we all kind of thought about it, but we were staying hopeful it wasn’t and then she got tested and we all knew,” Chelsea Guidry said.

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They lost the sense of smell and taste, and were sick for more than a week.

“It was at least 10 days for all of us. The symptoms actually waned, so that one day, you may not have a fever. You have severe fatigue and then the next day, you have body aches and so the symptoms were not consistent throughout the whole time. It took at least ten days for the symptoms to resolve,” Chassidy Guidry said.

“I have asthma, as well all of us do. I took inhalers and nose sprays and just tried to medicate each of the symptoms,” Chelsea said.

And none of them had severe enough symptoms to be hospitalized.

“Which is a blessing. We're over thankful that none of us had to be hospitalized,” Chelsea said.

And the sisters have a message for people getting together in small groups, even family.

“We were spread out when we were watching Netflix, so that’s something that people may not know. Even if you are practicing social distancing, you still have to be very careful because you never know how much the virus can spread,” Chelsea said.

The sisters created a 17-minute video, Sisters with COVID, detailing their experience, and how they got through it all with music and their faith.

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