They definitely don't have these unique gifts

Truly outrageous or truly unique. This carefully curated collection features thing they definitely don’t have!

Move over Big Wheels. This is the car they definitely don’t have!  Inspired by the 30s, a delightfully retro style, this pedal car is very well equipped with a chrome grill, two large headlights and a windshield handle. Comfortably seated at the wheel of this superbly chic and charming "clunker," the kids will be excited to come on board to go on an adventure! Perfect for ages 3-6.
$240 |

Stay connected with this full adjustable studio quality spin bike. Professional trainers will keep you motivated from the comfort of your own home while they lead you through challenging workouts.  Choose from scenic rides, yoga, stretching and more. It’s like having your own home spin studio!
$999 |

Forget the red Solo cups resting on the sidelines. This isn’t your college frat house foosball table.  The gorgeous acrylic design will have you fall in love with his favorite game.
$399 |

One minute to homemade pizza? Yes! This stainless-steel oven by Uuni is sized to cook a variety of high temperature dishes, like casseroles, meats, roast veggies, and even loaves of bread. How about an authentic wood-fired pizza? It can do it in just 60 seconds. The oven is designed specifically to take the cost, bulk and hassle out of using a wood-fired oven. This one runs on charcoal, wood or wood pellets. Foodies, hosts and even culinary beginners will appreciate how it elevates even the simplest backyard meal.
$300 |

Neil Patel has a long history of working with some of today’s most popular brands but always wished they made certain styles and colors. Now his passion and curiosity have blossomed into art you can wear.  Each pair of high-quality leather or canvas shoes is transformed by his own hands and adorned with beautiful botanicals using high quality inks and paints.  The one-of-a-kind process starts by meeting with Neil so he can interpret your personal style through art, or select from one of his already popular designs (pictured).
$75 + Shoes |

Take a look at this custom keepsake memory bear made entirely from your clothing. The memory bear gift kit makes it easy. Just choose your clothes and send them to the Patchwork Bear. It’s perfect for baby clothes, uniforms, race or concert t-shirts, even clothing from those no longer with us.
$99 |

No more Velcro. There's a cool looking pair of shoes that’s functional, fashionable and inclusive for everyone. Billy Footwear utilizes an innovative flip-top technology. These zipper shoes revolutionize how footwear is put on and taken off.
$50 |

Enjoy shade from the sun and shelter from the rain on the sidelines. The Under the Weather Sports Pod Pop Up Tent is perfect for sports parents and friends. The patented pods pop up and fold in seconds. Plus, the clear front and sizes mean you won't miss a shot.
$128 |

Celebrate your pet or remember a past friend with a custom plush to match your pet's likeness.  Petsies are each handmade with specialty furs, noses and eyes. Designers and seamstresses hand sew each one. And it's not just for Fido. They'll make a look-alike for all kinds of pets, including cats, birds, bunnies, rats, turtles, lizards and even pigs.
$199 |

They definitely don’t have this, but they definitely need it. This bag will save your life. The CCS Uncharted Supply Company 72-hour survival kit is a modern emergency survival bag specially designed for the 21st century. Inside you'll find more than 35 survival tools, including a solar-powered smartphone charger. The bag even inflates to act as a floatation device.
$350 |

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