Texas vehicle registration, driver's license renewal extension expires next week

A new deadline is fast approaching for Texas vehicle registration and driver's license renewal. Drivers have less than a week to comply.

The renewal deadlines first set aside by Governor Greg Abbott last year during the start of the COVID crisis when DPS offices shut down.

A grace period designed to extend past the resumption of normal business was granted for drivers. Now, that grace period is ending.

Back in February, the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a 60-day notification that the expiration waiver would be coming to an end.

The last day to renew your expired license or registration for your vehicle is April 14.

If your license is expired and you are unable to schedule an appointment prior to the April 14 deadline, DPS has implemented a new procedure.

If you have a renewal appointment that falls after the deadline, you can request a temporary driving permit that will be valid until your appointment date.

Renewing online is also a good option if you qualify.

The same April 14 deadline applies for registration and inspections. Only those registrations with an expiration date of July 2020 and later qualify for online renewal.

If your registration was up in March, April, May or June of last year, you have to renew in person or by mail.

There are expanded office hours in an effort to accommodate as many renewals as possible.

LINK: https://www.dps.texas.gov/section/driver-license/driver-license-services-extensions-waivers-and-covid-19-information