Rangers announcer Eric Nadel on mental health issues: 'I'm feeling better every day'

Texas Rangers radio broadcaster Eric Nadel says he is feeling better as he battles mental health issues.

Nadel took a leave of absence from what would have been his 45th season calling games to deal with his anxiety and depression.

"There are all kinds of treatment options. I am investigating a lot of them and have experienced lots of them, but I'm happy to say I'm feeling better every day," Nadel told FOX 4's Mike Doocy.

Nadel said he originally dealt with mental health issues more than 20 years ago.

"At that time I was afraid to speak out. That's how much things have changed," he said. "I was able to power through it, which I found this time around was a lot harder."

The long-time play-by-play man and Rangers Hall of Famer said that his family has a long history of mental health issues.

Doocy asked Nadel if he had a message for any people who may be going through similar issues.

"Don't be afraid to get help. There's all kinds of therapy out there and there's no shame in it," he replied. "Don't wait. Be alert to the warning signs. If all of a sudden you don't enjoy the things you used to enjoy that's a real big warning sign."

When asked when Nadel thinks he can return to the radio booth, he said he's not sure.

"I wish I could say. I really don't know. There are good days and bad days. This thing started with insomnia, I'm still having issues with sleep, so I wish could make a prediction along those lines," he said.

Nadel celebrated his birthday on Tuesday.

He will be back in the public eye for his annual birthday benefit concert and auction on at The Kessler on Thursday.

Musicians Danielle Ponder and Daphne Willis will perform.

The proceeds from the event will go to the Grant Halliburton Foundation, which supports young people suffering with mental health issues.

Even though tickets to the show are sold out, people can still participate in the silent auction online.

The event also includes a live auction, where one of the prizes is a dinner at Nick and Sam's with Free 4 All hosts Sam Gannon and Mike Doocy.