Fighting Family Fatigue

Certified Parent Coach & Family Dynamics Expert, Demi-Austin Thomas, knows that you are fighting family fatigue after months together with your loved ones during the pandemic. In the first part of her interview with Terrance Friday she shares some activities you can do to keep family members engaged.

More Tips To Fight Family Fatigue

Demi-Austin Thomas continues her tips to fight family fatigue during the pandemic with ways for parents & caretakers to ward off exhaustion from being around the same people.

Ways to cope with 'holiday blues' this season

Signs you may be experiencing "holiday blues" include fatigue, losing interest in activities you normally enjoy, trouble making decisions or concentrating, withdrawing from friends and family, anger, irritability, and sadness.

Hometown Heroes: Roz and Rusty

Seven years ago, Roz Henwood took in a stray dog. Over the years, she felt he had the potential to be a certified therapy dog. She had him undergo the training, and he now helps her.