Texas owners facing charges after cutting off puppy ears with pruning shears

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Photo credit: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

Two puppies are in the care of the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services after their owners illegally cut their ears off at home.

The first incident reportedly took place on March 14 at a San Antonio home. A resident alerted ACS that a brindle pitbull puppy name 'Jefe' had his ears sliced off in the backyard of the home by the owners using a pair of pruning shears. Officers say the owners committed the act after watching an "instructional video" online.

The second incident involved a brown and white pitbull puppy on March 24 at a separate home. According to a press release, they were able to identify the culprits after bloodied pictures of a pup named 'Sancho' were posted on Facebook by the owner.

"Both puppies were surrendered to Animal Care Services and are in otherwise good health," says ACS. "Felony charges of torture are pending in both cases and Animal Care cruelty investigators are seeking any additional information on the puppies, their owners or the incidents."

ACS says while ear cropping isn't illegal, it is illegal in Texas for a non-licensed veterinarian to perform the procedure.

In both cases, the owners are now facing felony charges of torture.