Texas House committee recommends expelling Royse City Rep. Bryan Slaton

The House General Investigating Committee has recommended Royse City Representative Bryan Slaton be expelled for having "inappropriate sexual conduct" with a 19-year-old intern.

Slaton is also accused of trying to obstruct the investigation into the allegations against him. He could face an expulsion vote by the full House as early as Tuesday.

There was a complaint filed with the investigating committee against Rep. Slaton that claimed the Republican representative had sex with an intern.


Royse City Rep. Bryan Slaton had sex with intern, staffer alleges in complaint

New details are emerging from the complaint against North Texas lawmaker Bryan Slaton that claim the Republican representative from Royse City had sex with an intern two weeks ago.

The committee’s report said the intern was Slaton’s subordinate, and that Slaton provided her with alcohol and then had inappropriate sexual conduct with her.

"Rep. Slaton then acted systematically to influence that subordinate and multiple witnesses and obstruct the investigation into the matter to the detriment of both our chamber and those who work here," Committee Chairman Andrew Murr, a Republican, told the 150-member House on Saturday.

Some Republican lawmakers had called for his resignation after the allegations came to light and the complaint was filed.

Slaton, who is married, is in his second term representing Hunt, Hopkins, and Van Zandt counties.

North Texas Rep. Jared Patterson tweeted: "It's disturbing & disgusting that a predator like Rep. Slaton is a member of the Texas House."

He added that he looked forward to voting to expel Slaton. Patterson also tweeted that he sent thoughts and prayers to the victim and her family.

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