Royse City Rep. Bryan Slaton had sex with intern, staffer alleges in complaint

New details are emerging from the complaint against North Texas lawmaker Bryan Slaton that claim the Republican representative from Royse City had sex with an intern two weeks ago. 

The Texas tribune reported Friday the allegations come from a complaint filed by a legislative staffer to the House General Investigating Committee.

That committee met Friday, but didn’t disclose why. 

Slaton’s team has so far remained quiet since the allegations were made public, but some Republican lawmakers are still calling for his resignation.

Earlier this week, the Texas Tribune revealed the internal complaint stated Slaton was having an "inappropriate relationship" with a female intern, who is under the age of 21. 

It claimed Slaton invited the intern to his Austin condo after 10 p.m. on March 31 and they drank alcohol together.

The Tribune reported Slaton later warned the intern not to tell anyone about it.

"As many people may have suspected, it’s not confirmed the allegations surround an actual sexual encounter between Rep. Slaton and a staffer," SMU political science professor Matthew Wilson said. "That is the detail that has been filled in here in what exactly has been alleged."

Slaton, who is married, is in his second term representing Hunt, Hopkins, and Van Zandt counties.

The lawmaker’s legal team denied the allegations earlier this week. 

Friday, the House General Investigating Committee did meet, but did not confirm why. 

"I think we can fully expect an investigation, unless Rep. Slaton chooses to resign. In that case, it would shortcut the need for an investigation," Wilson said. "Barring that, I think we can expect an investigation to take place."

Slaton’s legal team is denying the claims.

Rep. Bryan Slaton

At least two Republican lawmakers have called for Slaton to resign, including Representative Briscoe Cain, of Deer Park, and Representative Steve Toth, of The Woodlands. 

Toth called Slaton’s behavior "predatory" in a tweet Tuesday, adding, "unfortunately calling the behavior of Bryan Slaton ‘inappropriate’ is a gross UNDERSTATEMENT."

"Conservatives in the House are not rallying to his defense. That is an important thing to note," Wilson explained. "Some of the people in the House who are typically aligned with him on policy matters have expressed real concerns and condemnation around these allegations."

Slaton’s attorney released a statement Monday saying they were aware of the claims, but called them outrageous and false. 

FOX 4 reached out for a comment regarding the more detailed allegations, but have not heard back.