Tarrant Area Food Bank welcoming volunteers again for ongoing food distribution efforts

The Tarrant Area Food Bank hosted another mega mobile market Friday. The plan was to provide groceries for 500 families in need at Herman Clark Stadium in Fort Worth.

Like previous food distribution events, lines formed well before the gates opened Friday morning.

It illustrated the need many are still experiencing because of the pandemic.

The reaction from recipients is always gratitude

"It makes it easier on us. I mean, we could make it without it but it allows us to put our money elsewhere in other places. We’ve been able to keep up with our bills when we do this," said Jeff Matthews, who received food.

TAFB said it is now allowing volunteers at its distribution center for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

The volunteers who make it happen are as crucial as the donations themselves. 

"We want to tell them thank you because without them, it doesn’t work. We are grateful for every little bit of help we can get right now," Matthews added.

And more volunteers are needed, especially now.  

"We were working with contract workers in the past, however, we no longer have those contract workers so we are, we need more volunteers," said Javi Gonzalez, with the TAFB.

Contract workers and help from the National Guard have been a staple for roughly nine months, but now, guidelines have eased COVID-19 restrictions for those who can help at the food bank’s Fort Worth distribution center.

"We need between 60 to 75 workers a day to volunteer to continue the mega events and distributing throughout the community," Gonzalez said.

The need for food throughout North Texas continues to be great, and TAFB is encouraging people who may not have considered volunteering to do so.

"I’d like to tell them thank you for your time, I’m sure they could be doing other things. We would like to volunteer too," said Debra Tijerina.

People interested in helping with tasks like sorting food and packing distribution boxes should visit tafb.galaxydigital.com to sign up.