Swim coaches testify in defense of colleague accused of negligence in Southlake drowning

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Two swim coaches testified in court on Thursday that glare on the water can prevent someone from seeing the bottom of the pool.

The testimony comes for the defense of another swim coach on trial for the accidental drowning of a swim team member in 2016. Former Southlake swim coach Tracey Anne Boyd is charged with abandonment and endangering a child by criminal negligence.

Boyd was an assistant swim coach at the Carroll ISD Aquatic Center the morning that Elise Cerami, 13, drowned in June 2016.

This week prosecutors played motion activated surveillance video that shows Boyd did not appear on video until about nine minutes after Cerami was spotted underwater.

On Thursday, the defense presented testimony from three swim coaches including the head coach who was also at the aquatic center that morning. All three testified they do not believe Boyd was negligent.

Prosecutors contend Boyd was out of position to properly supervise Cerami.

The case is expected to go to the jury on Friday.