Surveillance video of suspect shown in Oak Lawn murder trial

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Witnesses testified on Tuesday about how they tried to help a man who had been shot while driving in Oak Lawn.

The victim was a successful insurance salesman.

The man accused of killing him is on trial for his murder.

For the first time, the court heard from witnesses who tried to help the victim and saw video of the defendant, Deric Eugene Madison, running from the scene.

Back in May 2014, prosecutors say Madison shot 33-year-old Josh Tubbleville during a robbery inside his Mercedes before the car crashed into a tree at the corner of Oak Lawn and Lemmon Avenue.

Police say the two shared a drink and played dominoes at Tubbleville's condo hours before he gave the defendant a ride home.

Prosecutors say the surveillance video shows Madison taking off down an alley moments after the car crashed.

Witness Lori Nelson was first to arrive on the scene. She says she saw Madison run away.

Prosecutors’ evidence included the defendant’s hat that was found on the ground about a foot and a half away from the car, as well as bullet casings and descriptions of DNA evidence collected.

During cross examination, defense attorneys got police witnesses to admit they did not examine the back passenger seat nor console.

The trial is expected to move quickly.

Prosecutors plan to call dozens of witnesses, but could still rest as early as Wednesday or Thursday.