Students journalists, athletes walk the red carpet at 2018 NFL Draft

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More students got a chance to be part of the action during the second night of the NFL Draft in Arlington. A handful of the students were aspiring journalists who got a chance to interview the big stars.

High school football players from cities across DFW got to follow in the footsteps of a Heisman trophy winner and other talented NFL prospects who walked the carpet the night before. Local student journalists also got their shot to get the big interview.

John Paul II High School sophomore Anthony Goss scored a one on one with Drew Pearson until “the Original Number 88” grabbed the mic, and turned the interview back on the student.

"My mind stopped,” Goss said. “I was like, okay. And he just started talking to me. And I answered the questions pretty well I thought!"

Demarcus Ware wishes he would've had this opportunity when he was younger.

"It would've motivated me to play even harder at the beginning of my college career,” he said. “It’s just amazing to show them how big football is, but also what it instills.”

Player after player said they hope to go pro.

"It's just a great experience to be here and see what we want to be in the future,” said student Jahari Rogers.

It's also a dream come true for their coaches, who work to inspire them.

"This is a way for kids to understand you got to have good character and you got to do the right to be able to get on this stage,” said Skyline Head Coach Herman Johnson.

“They got to understand how blessed they are to be in this position,” Pearson said.