Street Squad: Slow down for school zones

Millions of Texas kids head back to school next week. That means the return of school zones and at least one city is testing its lights so you are ready on Monday.

Carrollton began testing its lights this week to get drivers used to seeing the school zones before they official go into effect next week.

“It’s just safety for everyone, not only the kids walking, riding their bikes, but those who are in the car to make sure we keep our focus and not get distracted,” said Sgt. Jack Adams.

Speeding, distracted drivers and children in crosswalks can be a dangerous combination. Sgt. Adams said some people make a very common but costly mistake with cellphones.

“Just turn the cellphone off. It’ll give you time to deal with them to talk about their day,” he said. “If you do use one, it needs to be truly hands free and hands free is not holding it in your hand.”

There are also construction zones in many school zones across North Texas. Those who are stopped in those areas could face an even steeper fine.

“We’ve got so much on our minds. Just be knowing that school starts Monday and focus on slowing down and take your time,” Adams said.

If you have traffic problems, call James Rose at 214-468-7432. The best way to get the Street Squad’s attention is to take video or photos of the problem. Just don’t do it while you’re driving.