Southwest still recovering from problems caused by computer outage

Southwest Airlines is still recovering from this week’s computer outage. More flights were delayed or canceled Thursday night.

On Wednesday the airline’s computer reservation system failed and so did the backups. Visitors to Southwest’s website could not buy tickets, check in for flights or check their flight status.

Then, because Southwest could not update flight information, flights still showed up on the website as being on time. Many travelers sat in terminals or on planes for hours.

Over the past two days more than 1,300 flights have been canceled at Love Field. Some passengers are still trying to get a flight.

“There’s no flights out today or tomorrow to get to my destination and I was supposed to go to a family wedding. Now I’m not going to have any opportunity to do so. If they had at least notified me ahead of time that would have been something, but now I’m here waiting at the airport and have nowhere to go,” said Emily Palid, who was trying to get to Milwaukee.  

The company has apologized for the problems.