Southwest flight cancellation forces North Texas basketball team to drive 16 hours to Orlando tournament

Travelers across the country had to scramble to make new plans after winter weather set off a chain of events that led to thousands of flight cancelations.

The Lipan High School's Lady Indians basketball team from Hood County, about 60 miles outside Fort Worth, was among those who had to change things up, but the team is proving adversity is where they thrive.

Their Monday Southwest Airlines flight to Orlando for a holiday tournament was canceled.

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"We were like oh, this is just our luck, because we’ve been planning for this for about a year. Fundraising non-stop to raise enough money to get here, and of course the day that we’re leaving everything has to go wrong with how we’re going to get there," said senior Chelsea Lott.

A mad scramble and a quick pivot landed them on a 16+ hour road trip to Florida after managing to find 3 passenger rental vans.

"Like, wow we’re driving all the way to Florida for a basketball tournament. We’re sitting in three white vans just trucking on down the road," said Lott. "It was fun we all agreed it was a better experience for us to be in and make so many memories and having to go through all of that together as a team it was really fun!"

FOX 4 also talked with the team's head coach Amber Branson.

"We drove all night we didn’t get here until 5:30 the next morning," said Branson. "The girls never complained. Every time we stopped they were laughing smiling just, it’s been enjoyable. I can’t say enough about them."

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The Lady Indians documented their journey the whole way on social media. They tweeted a picture of the resort saying ‘We made it.’

Now in Florida, the Lady Indians are taking the tournament by storm.

"The first [game] it was 87-12 and then 57-37," said Lott. "I think we were super happy to be there, we were like yes we’re finally getting to play. We weren’t sure if we were going to make it at all so we were pumped and ready for that game."

"It wouldn’t matter what they did on the basketball courts, I’m proud of them as people and kids. It’s just amazing," said Branson.

The Lady Indians have moved on to the championship game which is set to be played on Thursday.