Southlake police warn of an increase in wrong-way drivers

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Police in the North Texas suburb of Southlake say they’ve seen an increase in wrong-way drivers drunk at the wheel.

The police department released video showing an officer coming close to a female drive who was going the wrong way on Highway 114 near White Chapel Road early Tuesday morning.

The driver, 23-year-old Analisia White, was later arrested.

Chief James Brandon said anyone who spots a wrong-way driver should call 911.

“The majority of the people we’re dealing with are intoxicated drivers. It’s difficult to determine where they got on the highway the wrong way at. Most of the time they simply don’t know. A lot of times they don’t even know what city they’re in so it’s difficult to know where they made that wrong turn at,” he said.

Police also said the safest place to be is in the right lane because wrong-way drivers often use the left lane headed straight for you.

Last year, Southlake police arrested 173 people – about one every two days – for driving under the influence.

The city is considering improving road markings and adding more wrong-way warning signs.