Some report having issues with signing up for COVID-19 vaccine through Dallas County's website

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said 107,000 people have already used the county's website to register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

But the wait for an appointment will likely be a long one, as the county only expects to receive 6,000 doses next week.

Some are saying Dallas County's website registration process has left them wondering if they are registered for the vaccine or not, but the county now has a solution for that.

"Entered info, and then after that, nothing. No response," explained True Lee Missionary Baptist Church Reverend Donald Parish.

Parish said days after his wife entered their information on the county's vaccination registration website, they are unsure if their application went through.

"She thought, maybe, well, in a couple of days I’ll get an email letting me know that I had signed on, and that everything would be okay. And so far, we have not received a response back," he said.

A spokeswoman for Dallas County said Friday that emails will now go out to all 107,000 people who have registered, and that email will also go out to new registrants as well.

Rev. Parish also pointed out that just finding the registration website is a challenge.

"There’s no clear destination of where you need to go to get information. And of course, when you call the county line, there’s really a maze of different telephone numbers that you have to go through," he added.

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While Tarrant, Collin, and Denton counties all have hotlines for people without Internet access, Dallas County does not.

"The state is working on a system that should be ready either mid-January or late January, where there will be other ways to sign up. What we’re asking people to do is if you have a loved one who qualifies under 1B, or 1A, that doesn’t have access to the Internet, help your loved one get signed up. And if you don’t have anyone to help you, and want to sign up, and are watching FOX 4’s newscast, go to any public library. They have devices and the Internet, you can sign up there," Judge Jenkins explained.

Jenkins said the county's website will use artificial intelligence to prioritize the people at highest risk and those who live in neighborhoods with the most spread.

"It is largely an honor system for medical conditions," Jenkins added.

Once people are assigned an appointment time, they will receive a call, text, and an email.

They will then have a window of time to show up for their vaccination.

The county hopes to get people in and out within two hours.

"That first day will be bumpy," Jenkins said. "[People should] bring a little patience with you."

And the process can't start soon enough, as hospital space in North Texas continues to dwindle.

"This is our darkest and toughest time, January and February," Jenkins added.

Jenkins said production of the vaccine is ramping up.

Next week, the entire state of Texas will receive 122,000 vaccines, but that number is expected to more than double the following week, with 300-thousand vaccines.

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