Some downtown Dallas streets reopen as crime scene shrinks

More crime scene tape is coming down in downtown Dallas five days after the shootings.

Elm, Lamar and Market streets are now open. Dallas Area Rapid Transit has also resumed normal operations at its West End train station and CBD West bus station.

Parts of Main and Austin streets remain closed.

“We’ve blocked off traffic with a large footprint. We are reducing that basically to the area around El Centro College and the Texas Club parking garage,” said Lt. Roberto Arredondo with the Dallas Police Department’s traffic unit.

Some cars are still inside the crime scene at the parking garage. They might not be returned to their owners until the end of the week.

President Barack Obama's motorcade could also cause some traffic problems Tuesday around noon and 4 p.m. as it moves between the Meyerson Symphony Center and Love Field. However, the exact routes have not been disclosed.