Some Dallas CVS pharmacies included in expanded vaccination program

CVS pharmacies expanded its partnership with the federal government by adding 74 stores to its vaccination program.

But if you've tried to sign up, locking down an appointment is tough.

Many we spoke to say the process was quick and took under an hour, but the hardest part is securing an appointment.

As more vaccine supply becomes available to pharmacy providers like CVS, it's opening up the opportunity for more people to get vaccinated.

This week, CVS increased the number of Texas locations offering the COVID-19 vaccine to 180. It’s not releasing specific store locations to avoid walk-ins. Instead, it’s requiring an appointment.

Larry Doyle got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at CVS Monday after a couple hours of trying to get an appointment online.

"The first time I tried, there was nothing available. Tried again a couple hours later, Mineola was the only location available. Tried again a little while later, and this location was available," he said.

Others got lucky and were able to book an appointment when they happened to look online.

"A friend notified us. We got online and signed up as fast as possible and got in under the wire. The next time we reloaded the page, they were all filled up again," said Andrew Manson.

But once the appointment was secured, the rest of the process was pretty seamless.

"Super easy," Doyle said. "You got a link that once you get here, you click that link to let them know you’re here. You go inside and register. I mean it took no more than 15 minutes altogether."

Last week, President Joe Biden announced plans to double the number of participants in the federal retail pharmacy program, a partnership between national pharmacy chains and the federal government to deliver more vaccine doses to the public.

"It felt like the beginning of the end, which is great," Manson said. "I almost cried when I was in there. I can potentially for Mother’s Day go and see my family, which is cool. Seeing them and being able to touch and hug my family."

To check for open COVID-19 vaccine appointments through CVS, visit: