Single digit temperatures in parts of North Texas overnight

A hard freeze warning is in effect for all of North Texas on Tuesday night as temperatures will be at or below 10 degrees.

The warning goes into effect at midnight and lasts through 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Temperatures begin to drop to dangerously low levels about midnight along the Red River counties, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures throughout the rest of the area will fall to near 10 degrees through sunrise Wednesday morning.

The cold weather will “present extreme danger,” the NWS said, to pets, plants, livestock, and people. In addition, any light winds will result in very low wind chill temperatures.

A Hard Freeze Warning, according to the NWS, means very cold temperatures of 10 degrees or less are expected. Such temperatures could cause uninsulated and exposed pipes to freeze and burst.

Low wind chills are also expected and the NWS urged people to dress warmly if they were heading outside.

School districts across North Texas are already taking extra steps to make sure students are safe during the dangerous cold spell.

Eustace ISD and Brownsboro ISD already made the decision to cancel classes for Wednesday. Meanwhile, Canton ISD, Cedar Hill ISD, Malakoff ISD and other school districts are instead opting for a two-hour delay.


Cedar Hill ISD also blamed a bus driver shortage from the Dallas County Schools Bus Agency. A district spokesperson referred questions about why there was a shortage to DCS, but its representatives did not return any calls.

Temperatures are expected to warm into the teens and mid-20s by mid-morning Wednesday with an eventual high above freezing.