Season ticket holders for Texas Rangers having problems with team's refund policy

The Texas Rangers have announced their ticket refund policy for impacted games, and some season ticket holders are saying they're being left in the dugout.

For those who bought a single ticket to an impacted game, they can choose a refund, a credit, or even a rain check that'll earn them free additional tickets.

But for those who coughed up almost $20,000 for season tickets, their options aren't nearly as numbered.

“Opening Day to me is like Christmas for a child,” Diane Kneedler said.

For Kneedler, Opening Day at the new Globe Life Field couldn't come soon enough.

“I want to get in there. I want go, be there for the national anthem. I want to enjoy the whole thing, the flag, the flyover,” she said.

But while the Rangers said there will be an opening day at their new ballpark, eventually, COVID-19 has caused an indefinite delay.

And Kneedler, who spent $16,000 on season tickets, is starting to get nervous.

“I was feeling like my money was really in jeopardy and I was scared about it,” she said.

That’s because while the Rangers are offering to refund unplayed April games to individual ticket holders, when it comes to season ticket holders, they're offering a credit toward the post season or 2021.   

For Kneedler, that's useless, as she and her husband just retired and are moving to Colorado next year.

“If I bought just singe tickets, I would have already gotten a refund, but because I’m a season ticket holder, my money is being held,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Rangers said that while they are offering them credits, they are also working with season ticket holders to find alternate solutions on a case by case basis.

Kneedler said that was not her experience.

“The answer I kept getting is no, we’re not doing refunds, we’re just giving credits,” she explained.

It's outlined in an email from her ticket rep, credits only.

FOX 4 contacted the Rangers, and explained again to them that Kneedler was moving out of state and couldn't use the credit. We were able to get her a refund for those unplayed April games.   

But still she wonders, if individual ticket holders are being offered refunds up front, why wouldn't those with seats for the season be offered the same solution. 

“It’s not right to hang on to our money and use it as a fife interest loan,” she added.

The Rangers declined our request for an on camera interview, but said part of the issue is the MLB hasn't officially cancelled any games at all, so impacted games may end up being played.     

That includes Opening Day, for which Kneedler has a souvenir ticket.

The Rangers also said their policy is on par with most other ball clubs when it comes to offering credits to season ticket holders.

That's not what we found, as during a review of the ticket policy for 29 teams, 25 of them list refund as an option up front for season ticket holders if they choose it.

Read the full statement from the Rangers below:

“The Texas Rangers are committed to working with our season ticket customers during these unprecedented times. We understand that every individual is facing a different situation and we are communicating with our customers on a case-by-case basis. Major League Baseball has not cancelled any 2020 regular season games at this time, and we are awaiting more information on what will hopefully be a 2020 schedule of games at Globe Life Field. Once that information is received and we have an idea of how many home games might be played , we will be able to work with each and every season ticket customer, whether it be to credit accounts for 2021 home games or to provide refunds for any un-played games in 2020. Season ticket customers with questions are encouraged to contact their individual team representatives. We thank everyone for their understanding as this fluid situation evolves.”